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    Nature’s Natural Mosquito Repellent

    Nature’s Natural Mosquito

    using Nature’s Sunshine Essential Oils and Products to repel mosquitos

    In a 2 oz. spray bottle combine

    • 1/2 oz distilled water
    • 2 Tbsp  Herbal Trim lotion
    • 1/2 tsp.  Massage Oil
    • 12 drops  Eucalyptus aromatherapy
    • 4 drops  Geranium aromatherapy
    • 4 drops  Peppermint aromatherapy

    Sometimes I will add . . .

    • 4 drops  Tea Tree aromatherapy
    • 4 drops  Lavender aromatherapy

    With the lavender and tea tree it works on bites to stop itching as well as a repellent formula. Of course I only use the highest quality Nature’s Sunshine Aromatherapy because I don’t like mosquito bites and the other brands don’t work the same way!











    Cut, Scrape and Burn Spray:

    Initially created for burns, it seems to heal any sort of wound without the sting of antibacterial sprays so it’s great for kids!

    In a 2 oz spray bottle combine

    • 1 Tbsp  Herbal Trim Lotion
    • 15 drops  Lavender aromatherapy
    • 15 drops  Tea Tree Oil aromatherapy

    Then fill bottle halfway with Nature’s Fresh, and top off with Silver Shield. We call this “The Spray” and we use it for everything from athlete’s foot to sunburn, infants to aged.

    Kristine Devillier, RND      www.natureslinkwellness.com   Nature’s Link Wellness Center