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Core Package



What is it?

The Core Flex package consists of 1- 30 count box of Solle’s adaptogen powered drink Solle Vital, 1- 30 count box of the energy boosting beverage, CinnaMâte and 1 bottle of SolleFlex PI, Solle’s plant sourced, anti-inflammatory formula.

What does it do?

This 3 product combo is an affordable program that can help you begin addressing many of the common health concerns that are prevalent today such as inflammation, low energy, weight and blood sugar management.

How do you use it?

  • Try mixing Solle Vital in 16-20 ounces of cold water with some fresh lemon or lime juice. It makes a great recovery drink following a workout.
  • CinnaMâte is great both hot or cold and is a great coffee substitute.
  • SolleFlex PI contains 7 anti-inflammatory herbs.  It is a natural way to manage pain and is a great product for women’s monthly health concerns.


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