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Mood Enhancement 30 Day Kit



What is it?

This kit contains products formulated to help you holistically balance your mood so you can better manage stress and adapt to life’s many challenges . Our mood is determined by both our physical and emotional conditions, and these products address both, simultaneously.

This kit contains our foundational drink, Solle Vital which comes in individualized drink packets, along with three of our encapsulated products in AdaptAble, SolleMegas, and our new plant-based vitamin D3/adaptogen blend product LongeviD. Also included is a ready-to-use essential oil roll-on bottle Confidence.

What does it do?

Mood is affected by external stimuli (stress, nutrition, change) along with internal stimuli (hormones, general health). This kit provides your mind and body with needed nutrition through trace minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, and adaptogenic herbs to give you what you need to manage stress and regain control.

Usage Tips:

  • Use the Confidence roll-on whenever life gets heavy and you need a quick boost of confidence.
  • We generally recommend that you don’t take Solle Vital after dinner, since it does contain energizing herbs.
  • If you struggle with swallowing capsules, throw them in a blender with your favorite smoothie.
  • Add a squeeze of lime juice to Solle Vital for a fresh new taste.
  • Take AdaptAble in the morning and again at dinner during times of increased stress.


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