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Whisper Premium Silent Misting Diffuser


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This diffuser is the most positively reviewed diffuser by our customers! It is easy to use, simple to clean, very quiet, conserves oils, can run up to 9 hours, has inexpensive replacement parts, and lasts a long time.

Size: 8″ tall x 3½” wide x 3½” deep.

Coverage: Up to 1,000 square feet.

What is included? This item includes 1 diffuser, 1 timer, 5 replacement cups, and instructions. Also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Note: The first time you use your new Whisper diffuser, fill the base and cup to the fill lines with tap water, set the timer to the “50m” setting, and let the diffuser run until it begins to produce a good quantity of mist. This will cleanse the mechanism of any oils left over from the manufacturing process. It may take up to 1 hour to complete this cleaning process.

Additional Features:

  • Uses heat-free humidifying diffusion
  • Breaks essential oils into tiny microparticles, which are easily absorbed by the lungs enhancing their therapeutic effect
  • Diffuses thick oils
  • Very quiet diffusion
  • No fragile parts and inexpensive replacement parts
  • Easy to clean
  • Conserves oil
  • Timer with 6 settings, allowing diffusion for up to 9 hours
  • White LED light that can be turned on or off
  • Automatic shut-off feature when the water in the base drops below the minimum level
  • Oil cup is made from highest grade PET-1 plastic, and is BPA-free.
  • Works almost anywhere in the world! Automatically adjusts to input voltage (110-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz). (Plug adapter may be required outside the USA.)
  • This is truly a worry-free product!


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