Chi Machine

The Chi Machine gently aligns the spine, which stimulates the spinal fluid, our Autonomic Nervous System, which stimulates all the organs in the body and oxygenates the body.

Chi Machine empowers the body to heal whatever pathology is afflicting the body. The trick is how to stimulate or activate our Chi energy.

Chi Machine helps get rid of lactic acid, most commonly  describe by athletes, the intense pain felt during exhaustive exercise. Lactic acid removal takes approximately one hour by undertaking an appropriate cool down that ensures a raid and continuous supply of oxygen to the muscles. Its benefits are felt within 5 minutes , you will experience increased oxygen, energy, an circulation. Our bodies have 42 pints of lymphatic fluid, the Chi Machine gets this moving and you need to keep it moving to be healthy.

It also drops the brain wave to beta so you can have a better nights sleep. Chi Machine affects every area of the body, just 5 minutes gives you the equivalent oxygen benefit of walking 5,000 steps.

Health Benefits of Using a Chi Machine

  • Activates cells
  • Spinal balancing
  • Improves Immune system
  • Increases blood production
  • Restores balance to the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Exercise Internal Organs
  • Eliminates fluid and water retention
  • Assists in weight loss

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