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Nature’s Link Wellness Center offers natural health consultations in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Dr. Kristine Devillier, RND provides education, treatments and solutions to support good health, natural healing and disease prevention. If you’re looking for a customized plan to improve your health using a combination of traditional and alternative techniques, schedule a consultation today.

Located in Breaux Bridge, we consult with clients nationwide. Contact us about telehealth options.

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What to Expect

Your initial appointment will include a review of your health history. During your consultation, Dr. Devillier will discuss the health factors you’re facing and how to overcome them. The discussion will cover any health concerns and their impact on your life, as well as your goals and what you’d like to improve.

Dr. Devillier will use this information to develop a customized wellness plan, which may include diet and lifestyle changes and naturopathic treatments. Following her recommendations will allow your body to rebuild and cleanse itself naturally.

Follow-up appointments will focus on measuring progress and updating recommended protocols for food and lifestyle adjustments and suggested natural health treatments.

Natural Health Consultations Include:

Reasons to Schedule a Natural Health Consultation

If you’re looking for natural ways to maintain your health and recover from sickness, inflammation and aches/pains, Dr. Devillier can help. A one-on-one natural health consultation at Nature’s Link Wellness Center can be beneficial for anyone looking for natural ways to improve their wellness. We assist clients with conditions such as obesity, fatigue, diabetes, chronic disease, mood swings, hypertension, stress, influenza, chronic pain, sleep disruption and more.

Benefits of a Natural Health Consultation

Dr. Devillier believes in healing the body naturally, without the use of medications or invasive treatments. Natural Health consultations focus on improving your health through a balance of proper diet, hydration, fresh air, sunlight, exercise, and rest. All recommendations are tailored to your individual needs, lifestyle and goals.

Dr. Devillier is not a medical doctor and does not treat or diagnose disease.

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Absolute Saving Grace

"Nature’s Link has been my absolute saving grace for my auto-immune disease. Kris and her staff are so proficient in their knowledge of the body and what our body needs to heal itself. Thank you ALL for giving me new Hope and Faith in the truly NATURAL process."

Alyson via Facebook

Very Thankful

"I have to say, I am very thankful that I now bring my child and soon to be children to Kris Devillier. For the last month all I have been coming across on my time hop app is how Kolt stayed sick from the time he was 9months old to 2 years ago! I am proud to say besides a little cough and runny nose for about 4 days my little man has been healthy as can be!"

—Alice via Facebook

Positively Affected Her Clients

"I have worked with Kristine for at least 3 years. In this time I have seen how deeply she has positively affected her clients’ lives."

—Lisa J. via Facebook

A Positive Experience

"Dr. Kristine is very knowledgeable and her staff goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome in her office. Whether you're there for a checkup, foot bath, massage, sound healing or to simply restock your supplement supply you're sure to have a positive experience and learn valuable, holistic insights to your health."


She Saved Me

"She saved me when I was sick and went to several doctors that could not give me answers."


They Care About Their Clients

"Kris & her staff are the best! Spoke to her at an event we were both attending last weekend about things I needed to stop by and get. A member of her great team surprised me by dropping it off to me at work at the beginning of the next week! Great customer service and they care about their clients."


Pain Has Subsided Tremendously

"I'm so thankful to the Lord for you as well as your knowledge and compassion about what you do in helping me and others heal ours bodies with natural supplements and healthy eating! In the past week the change is remarkable, my pain has subsided!"


Starting To Feel Better

"I spent a year in various doctors’ offices, having test after test run, and only felt worse by the day. I was also told that I had PCOS and would likely have difficulty getting pregnant. Kristine explained everything that was going on with my body and what I needed to do to get back on track. After only a couple weeks of products she recommended, I was already starting to feel better. I also now have a happy and healthy 8 month old and I'm feeling better than I ever have!"


I Feel So Much Better

"I feel so much better about myself and my life since being introduced to this awsome place. Thank you for everything you all have done for me and my family"

—Ali T. via Facebook

Schedule Your Natural Health Consultation

Whether you’re located in Lafayette, Baton Rouge or Alexandria, Nature’s Link Wellness Center actively consults with individuals from all over the Acadiana region to improve their health.

Call 337-332-2705 or contact Nature’s Link Wellness Center in Breaux Bridge, LA to schedule your natural health consultation today.