Bella “Beautiful” Health
30 Day Gut Restart

The Bella “Beautiful” Health 30-Day Program will support you in creating empowering behaviors that will lead you to balance with your metabolism, emotional well-being, and gut health.

It is designed to balance healthy bacteria in supporting the GI Tract, promotes elimination of the bowel, balance blood sugar, cortisol, and stress, while helping empower your health.

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Solle Naturals Bella Health package

In many languages Bella means “Beautiful”.
In order to move forward in any “DIS – EASE” we need a Beautiful Gut.
Let’s make that change with this 30-Day Bella Health Gut Restart.

Program Highlights

  • Wake up your digestive system
  • Stabilize your daily energy
  • Empower digestive and immune health
  • Power up your energy and metabolism
  • Calm your gut and mind
  • Create balance around mindset and behaviors

Get Started With the
Bella Health Program

This is a daily supplement program that includes a morning drink, afternoon drink, capsules before meals and evening.

  • SolleVital:  1 packet between 12pm and 4pm
  • CinnaMate:  1 packet between 7am and 10am
  • Verdezymes:  1 capsule before breakfast, 1 capsule before lunch, and 2 capsules at bedtime
  • ProBio IQ:  1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule at evening

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