Ear Candling

Ear cones, or ear candles, are used to rid the ears of built-up wax and foreign debris in the ears. This procedure, known as ear candling (or ear coning),  has been used in ancient China, Tibet and other countries and is rapidly gaining popularity in the West. At Nature’s Link Wellness Center, we provide ear candling as part of our holistic health services.

Ear candling uses special made cones that are produced by taking fine, natural cotton or muslin, spiraling it on a rod and dipping in to  bees wax. When the large end of the candle is lit and the small end is positioned in the ear, the smoke filters into to ear canal, warming the ear wax. As the oxygen in the ear and candle is absorbed by the flame, a gentle vacuum in produced, pulling out the excess wax and/or foreign material from the ear canal and capturing it in the stem of the ear cone.

After the procedure is over and the flame is extinguished, the candle can be cut open with scissors and the wax and/or debris can be seen. The soft powdery material in the ear cone will be from the cloth used to make the cones, the other material in the ear cone will be a combination of the excess ear wax and/or other debris sucked out of the ear and the beeswax used to make the cone.

This is an age-old remedy used by many types of natural health practitioners for centuries, but NO claim has been made for any cure of any disease or aliment.

ear candling

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*DO NOT try this procedure alone, it is a two person job. Ear cones are not a medical device and should not be used on persons that have foreign medical devices in the ear that was implanted by a physician.

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