What is a FIR Pad?

A FIR Pad (also known as a Far Infrared Radiation pad) radiates intense high temperatures, rapidly, by heating with high density galvanothermy carbon wires. The highest temperature reaches 131°F. Using it temporarily relieves pain associated with muscle aches, soreness, stiffness, sports injuries and other general pains. The exterior of the pad is soft and flexible. It can be used on many parts of the body including shoulders, waist, back, legs, arms and abdomen.

Benefits of using a FIR Pad

Shortly after using it, you’ll discover the benefits of a FIR Pad. With its intense heat, it is excellent at relaxing tight muscles and relieving tension around the body.  By reducing tightness, the FIR Pad increases circulation in the body, providing increased relaxation.

At Nature’s Link Wellness Center, we recommend the use of a FIR Pad to clients who are experiencing muscle tension, stiffness in the neck and upper body, and pain in the lower back.

FIR Pads are available for purchase for in-home use. Contact us today for details.

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