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If you’re looking for saliva testing in Breaux Bridge, Lafayette or Acadiana, trust Nature’s Link Wellness Center. Saliva hormone testing is an important functional medicine tool for determining the hormone levels on the tissue bioavailable level in your body.

Reasons to Do a Saliva Hormone Test

If you find yourself tired, constipated, irritable, unable to balance your weight, having a restless sleep or feeling general aches and pains, you’re an excellent candidate for saliva hormone testing. The hormones produced by your adrenal glands include the stress hormone cortisol, as well as other hormones that can affect blood sugar and energy levels.

saliva testing

How Does Saliva Testing Work?

This noninvasive test consists of a saliva sample that can be collected at home or at work, any time of the day. You’ll simply use a mouth swab to collect your sample and then mail it by USPS. Since hormone levels may vary during the day or month, multiple saliva specimens can be collected for precise measurement.

What Does a Saliva Adrenal Hormone Test Check For?

Saliva testing is an excellent method for measuring the biologically active fraction of steroid hormone samples in your body.

Your One-Day Saliva Adrenal Test will check:

  • Cortisol
  • DHEA
  • Insulin
  • Progesterone
  • Gluten
  • SIgA

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Benefits of a Saliva Hormone Test

Saliva collection is easy and noninvasive. And, you can get your results quickly. Nature’s Link Wellness Center uses the results of your saliva hormone test to tell if you have hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue or signs of chronic stress.

Saliva Hormone Testing vs Blood Testing

The hormones carried in saliva are a bit different from those in the bloodstream. Serum blood testing only measures hormones that are bound to carrier proteins. On the other hand, saliva-based hormones are readily available and could have an immediate impact on your body.

For example, a blood-based cortisol test may show a normal amount of total cortisol in your body. But the salivary cortisol level could be much higher or lower because that’s what’s actually available to be used by your body at that time.

Compared to standard serum blood testing, this simple mouth swab can be more accurate and allows us to determine exactly what hormone imbalance your body is experiencing.

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