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At Nature’s Link Wellness Center we use reflexology, or zone therapy, to assist clients with realigning overall health. This alternative medicine technique involves applying pressure to your feet, hands and ears. By working these areas of your body our reflexologist is able to release blocked energy, as well as relieve stress, to corresponding areas of the body including various internal organs and systems.

Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology is used (in combination with other alternative medicine techniques) as a therapeutic massage designed to alleviate stress and anxiety throughout the body. Benefits of reflexology are compounded when taken advantage of and it is often used to treat asthma and diabetes as well as reduce pain and depression. Reflexology is also beneficial for those seeking better sleep and relaxation.

Additional benefits of reflexology include increased energy, improved circulation, eliminates toxins, stimulates nerve function, prevents migraines and speeds up recovery after injury/surgery.

What to expect at your first Reflexology appointment

  • During your first appointment, our reflexologist will conduct a brief review of your health history to better understand your health background.
  • We’ll explain the process of massaging your hands, feet and ears and the benefits of reflexology as they relate to your specific health issues.
  • Being comfortable with your reflexologist is a must. Before, during and after the therapy, make sure any questions you have are fully answered. Feedback during the session is encouraged as we want to make this as comfortable as possible for you.
  • After your first appointment, it is normal to feel relaxed and have an increase in energy and pain relief.

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Whether you’re located in Lafayette, Baton Rouge or Alexandria, Nature’s Link Wellness Center actively performs reflexology with individuals from all over the Acadiana region to improve their health.

Call 337-332-2705 or contact Nature’s Link Wellness Center in Breaux Bridge, LA to schedule an appointment with our reflexologist.

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