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Excell Enhance



True Clarity comes from “Enhanced Vibrancy”

Key benefits for Solle Excell® – 100 count

Clarifying: The SolleClear™ blend helps clear the mind and eyes, while supporting the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Antioxidant: Cupuacu provides beneficial antioxidants and amino acids to help protect the body from daily emotional and environmental stresses.

Alertness: Contains naturally-occuring threacrine, which enhances locomotor skills

Libido and Endocrine System Support: Solle Tri-Maca Vibrancy blend contains 3 types of maca to help support libido and the entire endocrine system which helps improve memory, restful sleep, depression, mood, prostate, reproductive and skin protection.

Strengthens Bones: Red Maca has been traditionally known for having the greatest effect on the body’s ability to strengthen bones.


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