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Silver Nature’s Natural Healer

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Dr. Silence DoGood

Silver is one of the greatest medicinal gifts that God has given mankind. Silver has many attributes that make it effective in helping to keep mankind safe and healthy. First, silver is a very effective broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent, meaning that it can kill many different types of problem bacteria, yeast, fungus, parasites, and it can neutralize the virus. Second, a great deal of mounting evidence suggests that silver is also a very effective anti-inflammatory agent, meaning that it can reduce inflammation and pain in the body. Third, Nano silver is also a healing agent that can help wounds heal that will not normally heal. It also helps to heal regular wounds in about half the normal time. So in essence, silver, in small amounts, has the ability to help treat infections, mitigate disease, and reduce the suffering of millions of people. There are many different types of silver products on the market, and there is a huge difference in the effectiveness of these different types of silver products. Used at low silver levels, Nano silver is the most effective type of silver technology on the market today. We need to come to a better understanding and knowledge of how to utilize silver to further reduce suffering worldwide.

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