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Verdezymes – Solle Naturals

60 Vegetable capsules

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Consider how often we all eat. Well, an agitated and uncomfortable stomach after mealtime-and beyond–is just too much time spent in frustration-not to mention the often-resulting low daytime energy and insufficient rest at night. Digestion is a health issue with far-reaching consequences. It should be a top priority. When we digest well, we have better energy, immunity, and motivation. And, as we age, it is a well-known fact that our digestive efficiency slips. Few supplements will have a greater impact on our feeling of well-being than digestive enzymes-especially, in our view, enzymes from plant sources. Verdezyme™ combines full-spectrum, plant-sourced enzymes with key digestive herbs to “potentize” digestion, soothe the GI tract, and calm the mind. In other words, Verdezyme™ helps you enjoy your day, and get your rest at night.


Proprietary enzyme blend
100% plant-sourced, our enzymes include four Protease varieties to address digestive needs in varying stomach pH conditions. Proteases (also called proteolytic enzymes) play a key role in conditions of inflammation and bloating, and support both the circulatory and immune systems. Designed to enhance digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, our plant enzyme blend also includes the key enzyme glucoamylase. Glucoamylase has been the subject of numerous clinical studies. These studies have shown its ability to positively affect blood sugar balance, decrease bloating and digestive irritation, and effectively convert starch from common foods like potatoes, corn, and wheat into glucose, thus reducing gas and the feeling of fullness after eating.

Calming herbal blend
Our body and mind calming formula also combines herbs that relax and soothe in distinct but harmonic ways, making these long-proven herbs better together than they are apart.

Wood Betony
Long used in Europe, the Italians are said to have declared, “Sell your coat, and buy wood betony,” and the Spanish to have complimented, “She has more virtues than wood betony.” This member of the mint family was long used for its calming effect on the mind-related effects of poor digestion: headaches, anxiety and uneasiness.

A wonderful soothing herb, peppermint also stimulates the production of bile to aid in fat digestion. Its oil has also long been used to ease tension and calm the nerves.

This mucilage forms a slick gel when combined with water. Soothing to the digestive tract, marshmallow is both eaten as a food and taken as a supplement. It is beneficial to both the respiratory and digestive systems.

Passion Flower
It may sound counter-intuitive, but this relaxing herb is aptly named. It is hard to feel passionate about anything without adequate rest and the subsequent mind-body renewal! This important herb is also used to support a balanced mood in times of stress.

Konjac/Xanthan fiber blend
These two acid-resistant soluble fibers carry the product further into the GI tract for improved performance.


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