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Solle Renue

Solle ReN­­­­­­ūe

The Solle ReNue combination is specifically designed to nutritionally relax, repair and renew (or ReNue). Allowing restoration of body and mind, this combination by Solle Naturals has been formulated to taste pleasant and provide resource fo restoration and calming.

Children experience these same stressors in life and would benefit from the relaxing and soothing properties of the Solle ReNūe drink mix. It will leave them feeling centered and calm.

ReNūe’s remarkable ingredients are nutritionally calming and help us to restore and re-center ourselves.

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Benefits of Solle ReNūe

Citrus Properties

Yuzu Citrus ichangensis is an Asian citrus fruit, used in the cuisine of several cultures, which has the capacity to support the nervous system, reduce endocrine stress and promote the feeling of mental tranquility. Solle uses both the fruit and rind of this wonderful fruit for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In Asian medical disciplines, it is used to calm the mind, support the immune system, improve skin texture and enhance liver function. Thus aiding in cases of viral infection and better assimilation of fats and oils in the diet.

Calming Properties

Lemon Balm Melissa officinalis is a member of the mint family, which has been used for centuries, to help soothe tension and improve digestion. This herb supports the nervous system, allowing for a more restful sleep. In medical research, we find Lemon Balm used in cases of Alzheimer’s, ADHD (attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder), autoimmune disorders such as Graves’ disease and Colic. Supporting brain chemistry, liver function and hormone balance this is a tremendously safe and effective herb.

Adaptogenic Properties

Maral Rhaponticum carthamoides, supports stamina and vitality, relieving conditions such as fatigue, impotence, and depression. Enhanced recovery, improves memory and cognitive function, as well as muscle recovery and the capacity to increase physical activity, is due to its ability to increase nutrient delivery to the muscles and brain.

Astringent Properties

Wood Betony supports liver function, urinary tract, and circulation, as well as joint and muscle health. This is an ancient Nervine, which also exhibits the ability to balance the Endocrine and Circulatory systems. Early Roman medicinals listed wood betony as a cure for 47 separate maladies. On top of all of everything else, this versatile plant has been hailed as an analgesic (painkiller) and respiratory aid.

Calming Properties of Solle ReNue

Passion Flower is used to support a balanced mood in times of stress. Also a powerful blood purifier it has the ability to correct circulatory disorders. Dr. J. R. Christopher claimed to have changed Rh Negative blood types into Rh Positive by its use. He felt that the Rh Negative status of blood we due to impurities, which would not allow for the production of the Rh factor, therefore cleaning up the bloodstream allowed for its production resulting in Rh Positive classification. While undocumented, these claims are not his alone and are certainly food for thought as one seeks to eradicate impurities of all kinds from the circulatory system.

Adaptogenic Properties

Schizandra is in this combination for liver protection. As a synergistic agent, it allows a cohesion, which creates better assimilation and more effective action of the whole. The word Schizandra means ‘five flavored berry’ due to its unique and powerful taste as being sweet, salty, sour, bitter and pungent. It is this versatility and wide application that makes this particular herb difficult to classify in Western Herbology – it is simply too diverse. However, in a whole system approach, this amazing adaptable combines support and balance with cleaning and protection through the use of antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties. Listed among its benefits, we find increased endurance, vitality, and longevity as well as the normalization (balance) of blood sugars and blood pressure. Having a profound impact on the immune system allows for more rapid recovery from accident and injury. Its support of the liver is so well established in Asia that cases of hepatitis and poisoning have been documented to benefit from using a preparation of Schizandra. Its cleansing abilities affect the circulatory, respiratory and reproductive systems. Its ability to affect brain chemistry allows for its use in cases of depression, anxiety and memory loss.

Calming Properties

Chamomile has been used both topically and internally for centuries. The internal properties include Carminative and Nervine effects. The topical uses have included the treatment of wounds, mouth sores, hemorrhoids, and frostbite. The soothing emollient properties feed and nourish the skin, allowing for repair as well as maintenance. Chamomile has also been credited with correcting the imbalance of hormones, which may cause problematic menses and difficult menopause. Such disorders may still benefit from the topical application of this gentle and effective herb whose properties are available when absorbed through the skin.

Calming Properties

Motherwort is an Endocrine, Cardio Vascular and Digestive support that has the capacity to soothe frayed nerves, and relax muscles. Taking its name from use as a uterine support by midwives for centuries, this great plant balances and supports the body in prioritizing function and healing multiple systems, all the while soothing inflammation and promoting clear, calm thinking.

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