Invest in Yourself!

Your mind, your body, your life.

Phase One:
Gut Restart with Bella

This is the first phase of your health journey, which will support your gut-health and emotional well-being. The first phase works to balance healthy bacteria in supporting the GI Tract. These products will promote the elimination of the bowel, balance physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our bodies must work in harmony to achieve total mind and body health.

Solle Naturals Bella Health package

Program Highlights:

  • Wake up your digestive system
  • Stabilize your daily energy
  • Empower digestive + immune health
  • Calm your gut + mind
  • Power up your energy + metabolism
  • Create balance mindset + behaviors

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Phase Two:
Let go of Toxins

This is the second phase of your health journey. Get ready to let go of unnecessary toxins you may be holding on! Our bodies may accumulate toxins due to what we eat, drink, think, and breathe , such as radiation (electronic devices), insecticides, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Additionally, an emotionally charged environment, such as verbal, physical, emotional abuse, negative talk, traumas, and increased stress, can be toxic to our minds. It can result in anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, panic attacks, etc.


In this segment, we will give attention to your mind + body through detoxing. You will gain greater clarity, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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Strengthening the mind and body
through the renewal process
by natural ways with
adaptogen herbs and
Compass Blends essential oils.

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Solle Compass Blends essential oils

Phase Three:

This is the third phase of your health journey. When the lymphatic system is congested, autoimmune issues (chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, nodules, protein buildup, etc.) come knocking.

Our body may give us warning signs such as water retention, bone and joint pain, prostate or uterus issues, cysts, asthma, allergies, bronchitis, emphysema, and inflammation prior to developing an autoimmune condition.

Solle Naturals All Cell Nutrition Cleanse package

If parasites are present, you will have candidiasis, skin rashes, intestinal gasses, abdominal pains, anemia.

This segment of your health journey will target harmful parasites and address the lymphatic system.

Tips For a Healthy Lymphatic System
Candida Prevention

Phase Four:
Balance Health

This is the fourth phase in your health journey. You have been assisting the body in regaining balance. Your body has been shedding and rebuilding itself with core nutrients being essential.

Now it is time to restore, rebuild, and rebalance the systems. Most people have been trained to think in terms of treating diseases instead of building health.

Primary Balance Pkg 3

So, start by creating an excellent basic health program that strengthens the entire body. This is a self-care journey and I can assist you in choosing a maintenance package if you would like.

Be mindful that this is the beginning of a lifelong journey to achieving balanced health. These are recommendations based on what has worked for others.

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We do not diagnose or attempt to cure any disease condition, and we make no claims or imply any claims that suggestions given to the client are to cure any condition. We do not prescribe for or treat any disease.