Parasites, Fungi, Candida…Oh My!


An Intro To Candida and How To Prevent It

Parasites, fungi, candida… not things most people want to think about. Yet they can be the underlying source of many poor health symptoms and illnesses. So, it’s worth knowing a little bit about these unwanted guests, the problems they can cause, and how to prevent them from becoming an issue for you.

Let’s start with parasites

You may have learned about parasites in your high school biology class. But did you know that parasitic infections affect millions of people in the US?

There are different types of parasites that can harm your health, including:

  • Protozoa: single-cell organisms ingested or transmitted by insect bites, e.g., malaria.
  • Helminths: parasitic worms ingested from eating undercooked meat from an infected animal, e.g., tapeworms.
  • Arthropods: insects and spiders that carry or cause disease, e.g., ticks and fleas.
  • Fungi: spores and molds that can cause disease in humans in the form of yeasts, e.g., candidiasis.

Let’s look at fungi, particularly candida

Candida is a yeast that lives on the skin and in the mouth, throat, gut, colon, and reproductive organs. It’s one of many fungi that can affect your health.

The presence of candida is nothing to worry about when the yeast is in balance with other microbes in the body’s digestive system. However, there are some factors which can contribute to it being out of balance such as age, disease, and hormonal changes. If one of these prevents the body from controlling candida’s growth, an infection can occur, known as candidiasis.

Symptoms of candidiasis can include:

  • Fatigue
  • Digestive issues
  • Sinus infections
  • Joint pain
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Oral thrush

Candidiasis in the mouth, throat, or esophagus can be managed easily in healthy adults. However, for people with weakened immune systems, including those with cancer or HIV, or people with diabetes, smokers, or anyone taking significant amounts of antibiotics or other medications, candidiasis can be a significant concern.

Candidiasis is only one health issue that can result from fungi – or other parasites – in the body. For centuries, the study of parasites, known as parasitology, has been used to help health practitioners care for a wide range of conditions. Here’s more on parasitology in Breaux Bridge, LA at Nature’s Link Wellness Center.

How to prevent parasites from harming your health

Parasitic infections often go undiagnosed yet can cause many health issues. That’s why it’s good to take a preventative approach so that these unwanted visitors don’t become a problem for you. Here’s some simple steps you can take to help your body fight off any invading organisms.

Cut Out Processed Foods

What you eat will affect your body’s ability to prevent or fight off parasitic infections. For example, simple sugars are the root cause of candida because yeast thrives and flourishes in the presence of sugar. As much as possible, cut back on processed foods in your diet – that includes many foods that are bagged, boxed, or bottled – as these often contain large amounts of sugar.

Eat a Rainbow

Eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day strengthens the immune system. A strong immune system helps the body fight off parasites. Aim for two to three different colors within each meal to make sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to maintain the health of this vital system.

Balance Gut Bacteria

A balanced gut microbiome will help keep candida and other parasites in check. To achieve a balanced microbiome, make sure you’re getting prebiotics and probiotics in your diet. Also, replace foods and drinks that are acidic with those that are more alkaline. Both steps will help keep your gut microbiome in good health.

Use Garlic and Oregano

Garlic and oregano contain antimicrobial compounds that help rid the body of parasites, viruses, and bacteria. They also boost the immune system, helping your body protect itself against invading organisms. So, add these seasonings into your favorite dishes or use an essential oil or extract to bring more garlic and oregano into your life.

Get Some Sleep

Insomnia is a common side effect of parasitic infections. At the same time, sleep is an important part of helping your body get rid of any infections and prevent new ones. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping, it’s a good idea to take steps to improve your sleep.

Apply Some Supplemental TLC

There are many ways you can help your body protect itself from parasites. Supplements can be useful, as can a range of lifestyle changes. Natural health consultations in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana focus on improving your overall health through a well-balanced diet, hydration, fresh air, sunlight, exercise, rest, and supplements when needed. All recommendations are tailored to your individual needs and goals.

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