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AmiTox DC

AmiTox DC – Solle Naturals


90 capsules

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Deep Clarifying Detox

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Stuck in a Rut”? Are words like stagnant, boredom or general malaise part of the picture? Are feelings of frustration, anxiety and listlessness also there? The truth is, our lifestyle choices and our diet too often have the ability to push each one of us into a health rut. And, though our personal feelings when “in a rut” are unique, our mind and body health cannot thrive until we get out. Sometimes, the dietary inclusion of healthful, detoxifying herbs are enough to put us back on track. But, especially following extended periods of poor diet and negative habits, more is often needed. At Solle Naturals, we believe that for many of us, a Deep Clarifying Detox can make all the difference.
12 Degrees of Detoxification

AmiTox DC™ contains twelve proven, effective ingredients to address deep clarifying needs not only in the colon, liver and gut, but also the kidneys, spleen, lymph, skin and nervous system for an all-encompassing, positive and transformational detox experience.

The Solle Difference
Specifically blended as a mind-body clarifying formula, AmiTox DC is the first mind-body balanced detox that is both easily scalable in serving size, and is formulated for a less stressful, more productive cleansing experience for both body and mind.

Product Use
Take 3 vegetable capsules daily as part of a deep clarifying detox.
Take one vegetable capsule per day as a maintenance serving.

Complementary Product
Combine with Solle Naturals’ Good Fibrations™ clarifying fiber as part of a deep clarifying detox.


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