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SolleMegas – Solle Naturals

60 Vegetable Soft Gel

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There was a time when the words,”You’re rich, we found oil on your land!” were cause for major celebration. Well, today, more and more people are seeking another kind of oil: Omega oils. These essential fatty acids provide an altogether different kind of riches: a vibrant mind and body! SolleMegas™ powerful plant omegas are your personal “oil well” of health treasures: healthy circulation, a focused mind, softer skin, healthy joints, balanced nerves…and the list goes on. More and more people are becoming informed of the broad health benefits of omega supplementation in their diet. Most are stuck getting those omegas from fish oils that have a strong odor. Solle Naturals powerful plant omegas provide an array of 100% plant-sourced omegas including omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9.


Sea Buckthorn
Both seed and fruit oil is included, with the naturally superior proportions of omega 3 and 6, DHA and EPA. Sea buckthorn also has the coveted omega 7, as well as omega 9, making it the most complete plant-sourced omega in the eyes of many. With over 106 biological compounds in the oil alone, including 22 fatty acids, this wonder plant is often called a superfood and is the subject of studies on its beneficial effect on skin, the heart, cholesterol, and brain health.

Dramatically rising in popularity recently, this wonder seed is the star of a book extolling its
effective use by early American inhabitants for endurance and vitality. Chia can have up to 40% of its mass in omega 3 oils.

Sunflower Lecithin
Our non-soy lecithin source not only provides the long-known healthful properties of lecithin for digestive and nervous system health, but also is included to aid in fat emulsification and assimilation.

Flax Seed
Very high in lignans, which aid the body in balancing hormone levels. Flax is also a great source of ALA (alpha-linolenic acid)
which is the precursor to EPA, a key nutrient for heart and circulatory health. Flax has also been the subject of study for its positive effect on mood swings from daily stress.

Black Currant
Containing both ALA and GLA, the oil from this western shrub is nutrient-rich and includes quercetin, anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins. In addition to studies on its obvious benefits for mood, black currant has also attracted interest for its positive activity regarding joint comfort.


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