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Digestion Starter Kit

Digest better and feel better



This kit’s products are formulated to help you energize your digestive system in order to better get the critical nutrients out of the food you eat, and to help you stay regular to keep things moving through the intestinal tract. It’s been said that our ‘second brain’ is in our gut, and the connection between digestion, mood, and health are undisputed. This kit contains our foundational drink Solle Vital which comes in an individualized drink packet, along with our scoopable fiber drink, GoodFibrations. It also comes with three of our encapsulated products in FasTract, ProBio IQ, and Verdezymes.

What does it do?

Optimize your digestive system. It’s as simple and complicated as that. These products will make sure your gut flora is healthy, your enzymes are breaking down food effectively, your intestines are moving it through, and the fiber is bulking your waste to make sure you eliminate properly. All this while improving your mood and providing healthy energy.

How do I use it?

The daily usage of each of these products is described in the daily protocol, but here are some general tips to remember:

  • GoodFibrations is a great smoothie add-in.
  • We generally recommend that you don’t take SolleVital after dinner, since it does contain energizing herbs.
  • Probiotics are sensitive to acid and hot liquids, so take them at night before bed and after eating.
  • If you aren’t having a bowel movement daily, up the dosage of FasTract while drinking more water until you do.
  • Verdezymes can be great to take after a meal to help with digestion.

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