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Immune Shield Package #11

Product Use
Follow the product use instructions found on the label of each individual product.



What is it?

The Immune Shield package #11 includes 1- 30 count box of our Lift category leading drink, CinnaMâte, 1- 21 count box of our Clarify category leading drink, Solle Excell, 1 bottle of our sinus/immune formula, SolleClear SI and 1 bottle of our deep cleansing formula, AmiTox DC.

What does it do?

This immune boosting package will help you eliminate toxins, strengthen organ systems, balance blood sugar levels and fight against unwanted contaminants.

What’s the deal?

Save nearly $7 off the price of purchasing each product separately!

Key benefits for Immune Shield Package #11

  • CinnaMâte: Increase stamina • Strengthen Immunity • Improve mental focus • Enhance digestion • Help manage blood sugar levels
  • Solle Excell: Clarify body systems • High in antioxidants • Increase alertness • Boost libido • Strengthen bones
  • SolleClear SI: Strengthen immunity • Improve respiration • Manage stress • Clarify mind, eyes & blood • Balance hormones
  • AmiTox DC: Detoxify • Cleanse • Support healthy liver function • Help eliminate parasites • Clarify skin


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