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Solle Excell Vibrancy Blend – Solle Naturals

21 pack

Vibrancy Enhanced

Effective doses of 3 Kinds of Maca, with exciting new Cupuacu fruit, make our Tri-MacaTM Vibrancy Blend one-of-a-kind for glandular and nervous system health. Together with our proprietary SolleClearTM blend, this unique combination provides all-new health benefits in a unique and pleasant-tasting drink.

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What role do “Clarity” and “Vibrancy” play in health? At Solle, these two words carry very specific meanings. Both refer to the mind/body connection. Together, they describe a peak state of mind and body harmony, the possession of enduring optimism in daily outlook and of physical ease. This state could also be described as enhanced vibrancy because proper interaction within and between key body systems, or vibrancy as we refer to it at Solle, is the vital foundation that so often is compromised by diet, stress, age and other factors. So, how exactly does a person feel with enhanced vibrancy? Well, that feeling could be described as being “ready for anything” or feeling “on top of the world”. And, there’s more.

When you feel really good, you are excited about the future. Your mind and body senses are heightened and clear. Your glandular functions, respiration, and circulation operate in prime condition. With Solle Excell, your “new norm” can be a finely tuned mind and body because your amazing complex of organs, nerves, hormones, and cells interact as they should.


Tri-Maca™ Vibrancy Blend –
Black, Red and Yellow Maca with Cupuaçu
Red Maca has been traditionally known for having the greatest effect on the body’s ability to strengthen bones and support healthy prostate function, but all three types of Maca (Black, Red, and Yellow) have been researched and tested for their positive effects on the healthy bone structure.

Black Maca was researched in 2009 as having the greatest effect on memory and libido support, and restful sleep. But, all three types of Maca have been researched to support libido and help the body manage depression and mood.

Yellow Maca has additionally been researched for its positive effects on skin protection from the sun. Cupuaçu fruit has been found in research to be a more powerful antioxidant than acai and contains 21% amino acids. Theacrine, which enhances locomotor skills, has attracted significant attention from researchers for a variety of reasons.

SolleClear™ integrated daily clarifying formula – Bilberry and Eyebright; Fennel, Mullein, and Fenugreek; Butcher’s Broom and Celery, Quercetin.

These proven herbal ingredients support the body’s ability to clarify the mind, eyes, and blood, as well as the entire respiratory system. The SolleClear™ emphasis on respiratory and circulatory herbs reflects the Solle philosophy of the critical function of these systems in mind/body health at the cellular level.

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