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Nutritional Balance (Dutch Cocoa)



What is it?

The Nutritional Balance Package #10 (Dutch Cocoa) contains two bags of SolleComplete Dutch Cocoa, one bag of EnFatuate, and one 30 count box of CinnaMate. This highly nutritious package is an efficient way to supply your body with easily assimilated protein, healthy fats and digestive system supporting herbs. This package will boost your energy, help you manage blood sugar levels and improve the digestion and assimilation of critical nutrients.

What’s the deal?

Save $13.80 off the price of purchasing each product separately!

Key benefits for Nutritional Balance –Dutch Cocoa #10 (Balance Nutritional, Cocoa)

SolleComplete: Bioavailable protein • Build lean muscle • Boost energy • Improve digestion & assimilation • Low carbs

EnFatuate: Healthy fats • Soothe digestive and urinary tracts • Boost cognitive function • Highly nutritious • Promote healthy skin

CinnaMâte: Increase stamina • Strengthen Immunity • Improve mental focus • Enhance digestion • Help manage blood sugar levels


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