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Peppermint Oil 100% pure essential oil


Peppermint Oil 100% pure essential oil

Name: Peppermint Oil, Metha piperita

Source: Premium, USA

NLW’s Peppermint oil us 100% pure organically-grown Mentha piperita leaf and flower oil from the USA.

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In aromatherapy, peppermint oil is considered to be potentially useful for the treatment of the following
symptoms and conditions:

anger; depression; hysteria; egotism; low self-esteem; intolerance; mental fatigue; poor concentration; enervation; racing thoughts; nervous trembling; insomnia; shock; paralysis; vertigo; dizziness; fainting; weakness of the nerves and exhaustion caused by protracted illness; anemia; low white blood cell count [via support of the spleen]; autotoxemia; blood impurity; lymphatic congestion and stagnation; immune deficiency [supports resistance function of connective tissue]; fever; neuralgia; headache related to indigestion or liver congestion; congestive headache [caused by sinus congestion]; migraine headache; otitis; toothache; gingivitis; sore throat; laryngitis; halitosis; heart weakness; heart palpitations; hypotension; dry coughs; asthma; bronchitis; chronic bronchitis in the aged; colds; flu; pneumonia, tuberculosis; breast congestion; mastitis; excessive milk-flow; morning sickness; motion sickness; colic; irritable bowel syndrome; cholera; flatulence; food poisoning; stomach pain; nausea and
vomiting; constipation [especially when related to, or exacerbated by, emotional blockage]; diarrhea; colitis [mucous]; gastrointestinal atony associated with old age; parasitic infection; rectal pruritis; liver congestion; hepatitis; cirrhosis; gallstones; nephritis; kidney stones; cystitis; scanty menstruation; dysmenorrhea; difficult delivery; sciatica; numbness of the limbs; rheumatism; muscle pain; aching feet; acne; eczema; skin irritation; dermatitis; ringworm; scabies; pruritis; sunburn; premature aging of the skin; dry, atrophic skin; oily skin and hair; insect and rat repellant. Mint oil has also traditionally been used to whiten the teeth and cover the odor of tobacco. On a spiritual level, the mints, including peppermint, are considered “visionary herbs” which enhance mental receptivity, uplift the spirit and encourage clairvoyant dreams.

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