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Lavender Oil 100% Pure Essential Oil


Size: 5 ml

Lavender Oil 100% Pure essential oil

Name: Lavender Oil, Italy, High Altitude 

Species: Lavandula angustifo

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Daniel Penoel, M.D. in Life Helping Life asserts “…the message in true lavender essential oil is primarily an emotional one, not a physical one. You cannot obtain the same emotional benefits from lavandin as you do from true lavender.”

In aromatherapy, lavender oil is considered to be anodyne, anticoagulant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, sedative, harmonizing, sedative (brain and central nervous system) and potentially useful for the treatment of the following symptoms and conditions: anger; irritability; mental exhaustion; nervousness; stress-related conditions; anxiety; apprehension; hysteria; delirium; inner conflict; inhibited self-expression; fear of change; emotions associated with moving toward death; nervous breakdown; depression; moodiness; manic-depression; dementia; shock; panic attacks; insomnia; paralysis; low white blood cell count; bacterial infections; fungal infections; viral infections; edema; lymphatic congestion; catarrhal discharges; functional circulatory disorders; hypertension; arteritis; phlebitis; poor capillary circulation; hypoglycemia; a headache [may be rubbed into the temples to treat headaches]; vertigo; conjunctivitis; teething pain [a drop of lavender oil placed on the edge of the mattress of a teething baby may exert a welcomed palliative/sedative effect]; halitosis; laryngitis; throat infections; nervous heart palpitations; tachycardia; arrhythmia; respiratory disorders of nervous origin; asthma; respiratory catarrh; bronchitis; colds; tuberculosis; digestive problems related to emotional unrest; loss of appetite; nervous stomach irritation; dyspepsia; nausea; vomiting; colic; flatulence; deficient bile secretion; poor fat digestion;
irritable bowel syndrome; splenic flexure syndrome; anal fistula; cystitis, especially when accompanied with low urine output; amenorrhea; dysmenorrhea; painful an/or protracted birth delivery; leucorrhea; vaginal yeast infection; muscle spasms; sprains and strains; muscular aches and pains; contractures; rheumatism; acne; eczema; psoriasis; swelling; abscesses; boils; carbuncles; ulcers; abnormal scar tissue formation; cellulite; burns; gangrenous wounds; lice; scabies; snake, insect [including mosquito, bee and wasp], spider, [including black widow spider] and dog bites; varicose veins; hair loss.

On a spiritual level, lavender is thought to balance the higher and lower chakras, aid deep meditation, cleanse and soothe the spirit, stimulate soul growth and afford psychic protection.


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