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SolleClear SI – Solle Naturals

90 vegetable capsules

Sinus Immune

 The SolleClear SI formula takes immune system support to a completely different level. Most immune support products only focus on “stimulating” the immune system. SolleClear SI is designed as a complete formula to help the body “strengthen” the immune system by clarifying the mind, eyes, sinus, respiratory and circulatory systems, as well as helping balance hormones during times of physical and mental stress. 


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 SolleClear™ Proprietary Blend 

Bilberry and Eyebright – to help clarify the eyes and mind, 

Fennel, Mullein, and Fenugreek – to help clarify the sinus and respiratory system, 

Butcher’s Broom, Celery, and Quercetin to help clarify the blood and circulatory system. 

These proven herbal ingredients support the body’s ability to clarify the mind, eyes, and blood, as well as the entire respiratory system. The SolleClear™ blend emphasis on respiratory and circulatory herbs reflects the Solle philosophy of the critical function of these systems in mind/body health at the cellular level. 

Sinus Immune Proprietary Blend 

Suma Root 10:1 Extract is a powerful adaptogen designed to help strengthen the body and mind against stress, and is a powerful immune system booster. Suma is also used effectively to help increase physical strength, energy, and stamina, as well as promote hormone balancing, and strengthen the adrenal glands. 

Horseradish Root promotes many health benefits mainly attributed to its high nutrient and mineral content. Traditionally used to help clear issues with sinus, lung, cough, and asthma, horseradish also helps line and protect the intestinal tract to help support the digestive system and the body’s ability to manage inflammation. 

Wasabi Root Extract not only has a powerful taste but also powerful effects on overall health! This very potent plant contains a wealth of antioxidants to help boost the immune system, support the respiratory system, and can aid in removing harmful toxins from the body. 

 Product Use 

Take 3 capsules, 2-3 times daily during times of sinus and immune distress. Take 3 capsules daily for maintenance, or as needed 

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