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Top 4 Product Package

Product Use
Follow the product use instructions found on the label of each individual product.



What is it?

The Top 4 package includes one box of each of Solle’s truly innovative, industry leading drinks.  These drinks are the signature products in Solle’s 4 product categories; Balance, Lift, Calm and Clarify.  When you purchase the Top 4 package, you get 1 – 30 count box of Solle Vital, 1- 30 count box of CinnaMâte, a 30 count box of Solle ReNue and 1- 21 count box of Solle Excell.

Solle Vital is Solle’s foundational product that contains 6 powerful adaptogens.  It is a great tasting way to help you detoxify, balance pH levels, strengthen immunity and enhance your mood.

CinnaMâte is delicious served hot or cold.  CinnaMate can help the body manage blood sugar levels, increase stamina, strengthen immunity, improve mental focus, and enhance digestion.  It also makes a great coffee substitute and is a terrific natural cold remedy.

Solle Excell will support a healthy endocrine system, help balance hormones, improve both male and female libido, strengthen bones and promote healthy circulation, respiration and vision.

Solle ReNue can help calm the central nervous system, serve as a sleep aid, restore harmony toemotions and assist in balancing your mood.  It can also help you rejuvenate by helping you to manage fatigue and assisting the body to repair naturally.

Why buy the package?

Purchasing the Top 4 package is a great way to enjoy all 4 of Solle’s Signature drinks and save nearly $8 off the regular price.  With these 4, all natural, uniquely formulated and highly nutritious drinks you can balance, lift, calm and clarify both body and mind.


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