90 Day Adrenal Rebuild Program

  1. Pray often
  2. Replace negative thoughts with more positive thoughts
  3. Listen to relaxing, encouraging, uplifting music
  4. Start to relax earlier in the evening, around 9 p.m. and to sleep by 10 p.m.
  5. Exercise more often
  6. Skin brush daily before bathing
  7. Relax with calming essential oils, Epsom salt, and baking soda in your bath to help detox
  8. Seek good outlets for emotions – travel, hobbies, uplifting relationships, clubs, churches
  9. Eat smaller portion sizes. Consume easily digestible proteins and include more raw foods and good fats to keep blood sugar balanced.
  10. Just Be!

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[dt_sc_manual_list type=”type1″]

  • [dt_sc_box]1[/dt_sc_box]Pantothenic Acid
  • [dt_sc_box]2[/dt_sc_box]DHEA-F
  • [dt_sc_box]3[/dt_sc_box]Vitamin C Bioflavonoids 1000mg
  • [dt_sc_box]4[/dt_sc_box]Licorice Root ATC (increase slow)
  • [dt_sc_box]5[/dt_sc_box]Or Licorice Root (increase slow)
  • [dt_sc_box]6[/dt_sc_box]B Complex
  • [dt_sc_box]7[/dt_sc_box]Solstic 24



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  • [dt_sc_box][/dt_sc_box]1 am, 1 noon, 1 pm
  • [dt_sc_box][/dt_sc_box]1 am
  • [dt_sc_box][/dt_sc_box]1 am, 1 pm
  • [dt_sc_box][/dt_sc_box]3 am, 3 pm
  • [dt_sc_box][/dt_sc_box]9 am, 7 pm
  • [dt_sc_box][/dt_sc_box]1 am, 1 noon, 1 pm
  • [dt_sc_box][/dt_sc_box]1 pkt a day




Kris Devillier, RND   /   Nature’s Link Wellness



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