Be Courageous Flower Essence

Be Courageous (Vented Fear Formula) by Nature’s Sunshine

Courage helps us face our fears, and the Be Courageous’ flower essence blend aids a person’s feelings of courage, self-confidence, and self-reliance. It helps people overcome their fears and aids decision-making by helping a person have more trust in their own judgment


Our primary motivation in everything we choose is the desire to feel good. Thus, emotion is the energy that fuels action in the body. It is the bridge between the mind and body. When we have unresolved emotional wounds, we cannot translate our thoughts and goals into action.

A Radical Idea

Trying to get rid of a “negative” emotion without understanding and dealing with its cause is like taking pain killers for pain, you are simply masking the effect and ignoring the cause. We have not only been taught to do this with our body; we’ve been taught to do it with our heart.

Vented Fear

When we vent fear, we look to others to tell us how to solve our problems; we aren’t just interested in exploring solutions, we’re literally giving away our power of choice to others, making them responsible for fixing our fears. Excessive worry is a sign of vented fear and blindly trusting “authority figures” are signs of vented fear. Physically vented fear results in a lack of “backbone,” that is the ability to “stand up for oneself. 

Suppressed Fear

When we suppress fear, we are suppressing an energy that is driving us to do “something.” This means we need to find something “to do” to channel this energy. Instead of making a choice to do something constructive, we chose to do something to distract us from our fear. We may eat, drink, take drugs, go shopping, watch TV, play on the computer, count bathroom tiles, horde stuff, engage in promiscuous sex, or engage in any other addictive, compulsive, or self-defeating behaviors.

Flower or Botanical Combination

  • Mountain Pride – for vacillation and withdrawal in the face of challenges, helps a person confront and transform challenging situations
  • Aspen – for fears of the unknown, hidden fears and anxiety, promotes trust and confidence to meet the unknown
  • Scleranthus – hesitation, and indecision, wavering between choice promotes decisiveness and resolve
  • Mimulus – for facing fear, promotes courage and self-confidence
  • Cerato – for people who are overly dependent on the advice of others, helps people trust their own inner knowing
  • Blackberry – for the inability to translate goals into actions, helps person direct their force of will
  • Red Clover – for susceptibility to group panic and hysteria, helps a person stay calm in a crisis

Remedy Uses

  • For people who allow their fears to paralyze them in life and give up control to authority figures instead of trusting their own judgment
  • Helps people make decisions
  • Helps with the development of courage to act in the face of fear and self-confidence to pursue the goals and directions they desire in life