Be Responsible Flower Essence

Be Response-Able Flower Essence (Suppressed Fear) by Nature’s Sunshine

Many times, people dodge their pain and the difficult decisions of life by engaging in self-defeating behaviors. It takes self-awareness and a sense of responsibility to overcome addictive, compulsive, or de-defeating behavior. Be Response-Able’s flower essence blend helps a person get in touch with the emotions that are driving their dysfunctional behavior so they can to make better decisions.


Our primary motivation in everything we choose is the desire to feel good. Thus, emotion is the energy that fuels action in the body. It is the bridge between the mind and the body. When we have unresolved emotional wounds, we cannot translate our thoughts and goals into action.

A Radical Idea 

Trying to get rid of a “negative” emotion without understanding and dealing with its cause is like taking painkillers for pain, you are simply masking the effort and ignoring the cause. We have not only been taught to do this with our body; we’ve been taught to do it with our heart.

Flower or Botanical Combination
  • Red Chestnut – gives people that courage to confront and transform dark, abusive and addictive lifestyles or relationships
  • Black Eyed Susan – helps a person see into their “shadow,” the painful part of their personality they avoid dealing with
  • Milkweed – overcomes a tendency to dull consciousness through alcohol, overeating and other addictions
  • California Poppy – helps those who chase glamor, frame and “glitter” to find the true “gold” in their heart
  • Agrimony – for people who hide their pain, fear, and anxiety behind a mask of cheerfulness, promotes emotional honesty
  • Joshua Tree – helps overcome family and cultural patterns of dysfunction
  • Mullein – helps a person be true to their conscience, overcomes the tendency to lie or deceive self and others
Remedy Uses
  • Helpful for people who get caught in addictive, obsessive or self-destructive behaviors
  • Helps them get in touch with their inner emotions that are driving their behavior
  • Promotes greater self-awareness and self-responsibility
  • Helps a person be true to themselves and move their life in a more positive direction