Kris’s Beauty Detox Elixir

You can make this at home if you have a juicer, or you can have it prepared at a
health-food store. I find it helps to give this list of ingredients to the person doing the juicing for easier ordering.

You will need:

1 3-inch wedge of cabbage

½ large beet

1 large carrot

1 unpeeled lemon

1 small jalapeño (remove seeds)

A couple bunches of dark greens (parsley, spinach, kale, watercress, etc.)

*A thumb sized piece of ginger root can be used if you do not want the jalapeño.

Scrub, don’t peel your produce.

Then cut everything up and run it all through a juicer.

**The benefits of this drink are out of this world: Cabbage heals the stomach lining. Beet is a terrific blood cleanser and wonderful for the skin. Dark greens are the ultimate detoxifiers and bone builders. Carrots are loaded with skin, vision, and body-healing carotenoids. Lemon alkalizes the body, and the peel is loaded with bioflavoids. Ginger improves circulation and digestion. Jalapeno increases circulation.


Kristine Devillier, RND              / Nature’s Link Wellness Center

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