Signs of Candida Overgrowth for Adults

Candida Questionnaire For Adults

  1. Do you have menstrual problems, PMS, vaginitis, endometriosis, or abdominal pain?  Yes   No
  2. Have you experienced loss of sexual desire or impotency?  Yes   No
  3. Do you have frequent bladder, urinary, or prostate problems?  Yes   No
  4. Are you abnormally tired, fatigued or depressed?  Yes   No
  5. Are you hyper, nervous, just spacey, lack of concentration or poor memory?  Yes   No
  6. Do you have multiple allergies?  Yes   No
  7. Do tobacco smoke, perfumes, and other chemical odors bother you?  Yes   No
  8. Do you drink more than three alcoholic beverages a week?  Yes   No
  9. Are you bother by hives, psoriasis, fungus, chronic skin rashes, jock itch, athlete’s foot or yeast infections?  Yes   No
  10. Do you have headaches, muscle, and /or joint pain, numbness and/or tingling?  Yes   No
  11. Are you bothered by recurrent digestive symptoms – constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, belching, coated tongue or colitis?  Yes   No
  12. Have you taken birth-control pills?  Yes   No
  13. Have you had steroids or cortisone shots?  Yes   No
  14. Do you feel sick all over and no one can diagnose your problems?  Yes   No

The greater the number of YES answers, the chances are high that candida yeast is the related health problem.

  • 3-4  = likely suspect yeast
  • 5-6  = probably suspect yeast
  • 7+ =   most certainly suspect yeast

If after answering the candida yeast questionnaire above and you feel that candida overgrowth is a health challenge for you, contact us for a health consultation.

Read more at Guideline Candida Control Diet.