Guidelines for a Candida Control Diet

Guidelines for a Candida Control Diet

Simple sugars are the root cause of Candida Control Diet. Be mindful that yeast thrives and will flourish when there are sugars in the diet. Avoid boxed, bagged, canned, processed, or preserved foods excluding fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and dried beans. Also, avoid the following:

Food Group

Allowable Food Avoid Food


Lean beef, chicken, turkey, fish (fresh and canned), seafood, lamb, pork. Protein powder, tofu, tempeh, eggs, all game birds Bacon, sausage, ham, hot dogs, lunch meats


All Non- Starchy vegetables.   Prepared raw, steamed, sautéed, or baked.Asparagus, lettuce, beets, onions, broccoli, parsley, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes (fresh), cauliflower, summer squash, cucumbers, winter squash, celery, zucchini, acorn squash, eggplant, green peppers, butter squash, greens, radishes, turnips, okra, spinach, parsnips, mustard and collard greens, green beans, sprouts (home grown) Starchy vegetables: potatoes, corn, yams, and mushrooms, cooked carrots, sprouts (store bought)


Avoid ALL fruit for the first week.  After week one you may add one new fruit a day, limiting to 2 new fruits a week.*EAT ALL FRUIT ALONE. Freshly picked or frozen berries, apples, lemons, grapefruit, mango, avocado, orange, peach, papaya, apricot, pineapple All dried fruit, fruit juices, canned fruit, raisins, apricots, dates, prunes, figs, pineapple, grapes, bananas, melons, pears, pumpkin

Eggs, dairy, and milk

Eggs (preferably organic), unsweetened yogurt with live cultures, unsweetened soy (plain) milk, unsweetened almond milk Cheese, milk (including almond, rice, and any soy milk that is sweetened), cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, buttermilk


Limit: barley, millet, oats, brown rice, quinoa, chia seeds, flax meal or seeds, spelt, hemp seed, whole sprouted grain Exception: No Wheat All grain products processed, bread, or pasta, cookies, snack foods, chips, cereal

Beans and legumes

Any beans, legumes, or peas in small amounts (1 c per day) NONE

Nuts, seeds, and oils

Brazil nuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds (whole or as a nut butter) OILS: olive oil, coconut oil, flax seed, avocado, hemp seed, grape seed, sesame, earth balance (soy free)                                                          *Mix nut butters with silver shield to kill mold Pistachios and peanuts (unless peanut butter is mixed with silver shield to kill the mold)

Fermented Foods/ Condiments

Replace Vinegar with lemon or lime juice. Use fresh herbs and spices to season food, make sauces, or salad dressings Vinegar, pickles, sauerkraut, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, Worcestershire, green olives, horseradish, tamari, soy sauce, anything with MSG, salad dressings


Stevia and xylitol All sugars (white or brown), maple syrup, honey, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, molasses, brown rice syrup, fruit sweeteners**Avoid any packaged food containing refined sugar


Water, herbal teas, high alkaline water or coffee and tea, freshly juiced vegetables and limited amount of fruit juice, made with high alkaline water Soda pop, alcohol of any kind, coffee, and tea unless made with high alkaline water, juices

Foods to enjoy:

Breakfast Ideas: veggie omelet, protein smoothie, organic plain yogurt, oatmeal with cinnamon and walnuts

Lunch and Dinner Ideas: chili, spinach, and chicken salad, beef and bean soup, chicken salad with veggies, tuna salad, fish, and vegetables,  stir fry meat and veggies,  roast beef, turkey spaghetti and spaghetti squash, beans

Snack Ideas: smoothie, plain yogurt, nuts, veggies, and bean dip

**Simple sugars are the root cause of Candida, be mindful that yeast thrives and will flourish when there are sugars in the diet.


Please visit our recipe page for Candida Control Diet recipes. Enjoy!