Cold Sore Remedy

Using strong medicinal herbal oils and a broad spectrum of specific anti-viral essential oils, we’ve created an effective and powerful ointment for use on cold sores, herpes virus, nail infection and athlete’s foot.

Directions: Apply with a Q-tip and rub well. Use frequently during the initial “tingly” incubation period to keep sore from blistering out. Will also relieve itchiness, swelling, weeping and duration of outbreak. Apply generously and cover regularly until sore begins to dry out.

Ingredients:  6 drops MELISSA essential oil origin France ECO certified, 2 drops Solle Essential LIFT oil Eco-Certificatied and USDA Organic Certified, and SolleFlex AC Therapeutic Cream.

Mix in a 1/4oz.  Plastic lip balm container, fill with SolleFlex AC Therapeutic Cream and add Essential oils.