Distress Remedy Flower Essence

Everyone will experience some problems in their life at one time or another, and when these difficult situations arise, people tend to become emotionally imbalanced. When a situation happens, it is helpful if a person can stay calm, centered, and focus on what needs to be done. Distress Remedy can be an immense support during and after any stressful time.


Our primary motivation in everything we choose is the desire to feel good. Thus, emotion is the energy that fuels the body. It is the bridge between the mind and the body. When we have unresolved emotional wounds, we cannot translate our thoughts and goals into action.

A Radical Idea

Trying to get rid of a “negative” emotion without understanding and dealing with its cause is like taking pain killers for pain, you are simply masking the effect and ignoring the cause. We have not only been taught to go this with our body; but we’ve also been taught to do it with our heart.

Flower or Botanical Combination


For disassociation during shock or trauma restores awareness and presence

Cherry Plum

 Overcomes fear of loss of self-control and emotional breakdown, promotes trust and surrender


Helps a person be fully awake and focused in the present moment


Helps overcome impatience and irritability, helps a person flow with life and others

Red Clover

Keeps one from getting caught up in panic or hysteria, promotes calmness in the midst of a crisis

Rock Rose  

Helps a person find courage to overcome fear, terror, and panic

Star of Bethlehem

Heals shock or trauma, helps a person find spiritual guidance and comfort

Remedy Uses

Helps one stay calm in a crisis situation.

General remedy for restoring presence and awareness during shock or trauma.

Use when a person has been physically injured to overcome shock and promote tissue healing.