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Essential Oils & Healing Affirmations


ConditionEmotional ComponentAffirmationEssential Oils
AddictionRunning away from inner self and painful emotions. Substituting selfishness for self-love.I acknowledge my struggles and I am comfortable being myself.Calm
AnxietyInability to direct own life. Feeling restricted in choices. Helpless, unable to create positive change.I am in control of my life. I have many choices and opportunities.Balance
AsthmaFeeling dominated or powerless, oppressed by a parent. Unable to establish boundaries and set limits.I set clear boundaries. I take control of my life.Clarify & Balance
CancerAnger, ill will, repressed anger, or intense depression. Unresolved resentments, deep hurt. Harboring deep anger, resentment, jealousy, and hate.I lovingly forgive and release the past. I fill my world with joy and healing.Balance
CandidaInability to claim owns power. Harboring resentment.I give my self permission to be all that I can be.Balance & Lift
Chronic FatigueDespair, loss of hope. Feeling unsupported and alone in life’s battles. Feeling defeated no hope for good health.I acknowledge my suffering with compassion, and I ask for help from others.Lift & Clarify
Lack of EnergyHeavy, unresolved sorrow and pain. Loss of  joy in everyday things. Wanting to “just quit.”Every day is an exciting adventure. I find joy even in the small things. I am grateful for …..Lift
FungusInability to let go of the past. Allowing the past to rule now. Stagnant beliefs. Dark Emotions.I  live in the present moment, joyous and free.Balance
Hair ProblemsTense, stressed, pressured. Anguish.I am at peace with this situation, and I am capable of whatever I set my mind to.Balance & Calm
NervousnessNot trusting the process of life. Not believing in a divine plan. Feeling inadequate. Fear of the future. Inability to communicate true feelings.I clearly communicate with others. There is a process and a plan to life. All is well.Calm



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