Essential Oils & Healing Affirmations

Condition Emotional Component Affirmation Essential Oils
Addiction Running away from inner self and painful emotions. Substituting selfishness for self-love. I acknowledge my struggles and I am comfortable being myself. Calm
Anxiety Inability to direct own life. Feeling restricted in choices. Helpless, unable to create positive change. I am in control of my life. I have many choices and opportunities. Balance
Asthma Feeling dominated or powerless, oppressed by a parent. Unable to establish boundaries and set limits. I set clear boundaries. I take control of my life. Clarify & Balance
Cancer Anger, ill will, repressed anger, or intense depression. Unresolved resentments, deep hurt. Harboring deep anger, resentment, jealousy, and hate. I lovingly forgive and release the past. I fill my world with joy and healing. Balance
Candida Inability to claim owns power. Harboring resentment. I give my self permission to be all that I can be. Balance & Lift
Chronic Fatigue Despair, loss of hope. Feeling unsupported and alone in life’s battles. Feeling defeated no hope for good health. I acknowledge my suffering with compassion, and I ask for help from others. Lift & Clarify
Lack of Energy Heavy, unresolved sorrow and pain. Loss of  joy in everyday things. Wanting to “just quit.” Every day is an exciting adventure. I find joy even in the small things. I am grateful for ….. Lift
Fungus Inability to let go of the past. Allowing the past to rule now. Stagnant beliefs. Dark Emotions. I  live in the present moment, joyous and free. Balance
Hair Problems Tense, stressed, pressured. Anguish. I am at peace with this situation, and I am capable of whatever I set my mind to. Balance & Calm
Nervousness Not trusting the process of life. Not believing in a divine plan. Feeling inadequate. Fear of the future. Inability to communicate true feelings. I clearly communicate with others. There is a process and a plan to life. All is well. Calm