Podcast: Potency, Mentorship and Receiving What Others Give


Dr. Kris Devillier joins Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC as they discuss potency, mentorship and receiving what others give. Below is a brief introduction.

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Potency, Mentorship and Receiving What Others Give

Dr. Kris Devillier, naturopathic doctor at Nature’s Link Wellness and President of the Louisiana Health Freedom Coalition joins the podcast.  She is trained in traditional naturopathic medicine modalities along with extra courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine dealing with advanced herb usage and evaluating the body in extra ways via pulse, tongue, eyes and really taking notice of the small things that might be generally overlooked.  For example: How can eyebrow hair indicate a nutritional deficiency? Dr. Kris wants to treat patients in their entirety: body, mind and spiritual.  One of her keys to success is that You have to meet people where they are.  Educating your patients and allowing them to be proactive in their health is a main goal in her practice. Dr. Devillier covers why buying a herb at the grocery store is not the same thing as a medicinal quality version, Are all organic products equal, her response might surprise you, Where to get the best coffee and How slick marketing is skewing and causing conflict in the supplement business.  She has one secret marketing tip that you need to listen to, hint: groups.

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