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Rose Hydrosol, Bulgaria

Rose Hydrosol, Bulgaria


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The use of the rose plant as a source of medicine also extends back millenniums. In herbal medicine, some of
the conditions it has traditionally been used to treat include: melancholy; general debility; high fevers; swelling and inflammation; insomnia; hangover (popular among the Romans for this purpose); a headache; ear pain; eye pain and acute ophthalmia (generally used in this case as a poultice); a sore throat; heart weakness; weak blood circulation; inflammation of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa; tuberculosis; A tickling cough; bronchitis; pulmonary catarrh; asthma; colds; liver weakness and disease; jaundice; spleen weakness; constipation; diarrhea; passive hemorrhage in general; spitting up of blood; excessive mucus discharge; stomach weakness; vomiting; uterine hemorrhage; labor pains; gonorrhea (among the
Apaches); weakness of the female sexual organs; leucorrhea; muscle and joint pains; suppurating

On a spiritual level, rose oil is said to expand awareness; strengthen faith; support inspiration and devotion; help heal emotional wounds and restore the ability to trust; refine sensitivity; help develop the capacity for both romantic and spiritual love; encourage sweet dreams; enhance appreciation of beauty; reduce internal resistance to the flow of unconditional love; supports selflessness and sacrifice; helps lead one to the discovery of the mysteries of Creation.

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