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Live Forward
Adaptogens. A unique probiotic. Mineral-rich herbs. An abundant plant source of D3. Combined, they provide vital nutrients for key areas of health that shape your future: bone & joint, immune, and mood, to name just three. Nourish your quality of life today, and live forward with Solle LongeviD

90 vegetable capsules



Live Forward! When it comes to our health, we may not be able to go back and fix past mistakes, but we can make changes today that can greatly improve our quality of life now AND build a solid foundation for our future health.

Solle LongeviD provides 1000 IU of plant sourced Vitamin D3 per capsule. Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient with a number of proven protective benefits in key areas of health such as immune, bone and joint, and emotional wellness, to name just three. LongeviD contains other ingredients like alfalfa and plantain that are high in trace minerals, and it even includes a unique probiotic strain which aids in nutritional absorption. And when it comes to adaptogens, when you take LongeviD you are…well Gud to Go! Both Guduchi and Goji fruit (also known as Lycium or wolfberry) are nutritionally dense adaptogenic herbs that can help boost stamina, lift your mood and strengthen your immune response.

Adding Solle LongeviD to your daily regimen is like taking out an insurance policy on your future wellness. So, start living forward with LongeviD!

Benefits of LongeviD3

  1. Immune: D3 and adaptogens enhance and modulate immune system performance.
  2. Bones/Joints: D3 and co-factors enabled by the probiotics enhance absorption of key minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are present in Alfalfa and Plantain.
  3. Mental Outlook: D3 and adaptogens play a key role in stress response and mood strength.
  4. Daily Nutrition: Nutrient dense ingredients like Goji, Alfalfa and Plantain provide rich sources of vitamins and minerals often missing in our diet.
  5. Respiratory: Adaptogens in this formula support a healthy respiratory response in times of illness and allergies.

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