Understanding Triglycerides

What are triglycerides?

Triglycerides (glycerol and three fatty acids) are a form the body chooses in handling excess nutrients. If one takes in more food than is currently needed, then the body converts the excess to triglycerides for future use in storage. If the blood levels of triglycerides are high, then this is a warning sign for circulatory trouble, the “gumming up” so to speak of the blood vessel walls which can lead to serious heart and circulation problems.

High levels of triglycerides in the blood tells you that the body’s cells are not using them for fuel, and more importantly today, that the cells are not able to accept all of it because the cell walls have become “thickened” with bad fats/oils (trans-fats that are in margarine and processed, fried food, chips, crackers, bread, etc…. also they are called hydrogenated oils). When the cell walls become thickened, the free flow of nutrients and oxygen going in, and wastes going out is impeded.

Now, instead of triglycerides being admitted into the cell to be used for fuel, many remain outside the cell wall, unburned, in the fluids/blood. The current use of highly refined foods and sugars (which trigger a rise of insulin, which then triggers a quick conversion to fats) contribute to the rise in triglycerides AND the thickening of the cell wall, known as Syndrome X, or Insulin Resistance. The cell wall thickening demands more and more insulin which “opens” the walls to allow fuel in to be burned. Increased insulin causes increased fat storage, higher triglycerides and a spiraling escalation of the problem.

What to do about high triglycerides

  1. Limit intake of refined foods and sugars.
  2. Use fatty acid supplementation to help the body metabolize the stored fats and provide good fats/oils for the composition of the cell wall. SolleMegas has omega 3,6,7,&9.
  3. Verdezymes Proprietary enzymes contain Lipase, taken between meals for metabolizing stored fats.
  4. Fiber is effective in controlling fat absorption and metabolism. Examples: Slippery Elm or Avena Sativa (Oat Straw)
  5. ProBio IQ will replenish the friendly culture of organisms in the alimentary canal that literally digest foods and keep metabolism and immune function intact.
  6. CinnaMate can be used to lower blood fats.