Candida Spit Test

Candida spit test

Simple at home test to find out if you have a problem with Candida yeast.

To check for Candida Albicans perform the following:

  1. First thing in the morning, (before putting ANYTHING in your mouth), spit sputum into a glass of water.
  2. Check the water every 15 minutes, for up to one hour.

If you have a potential Candida problem, you will see strings (like legs) traveling down into the water from the saliva floating on the top. Or, “cloudy” saliva will sink to the bottom of the glass. Cloudy specks will appear suspended in the water; then the saliva is carrying a fungal overgrowth.

If there are no strings and the saliva is still floating after one hour, then it appears you are Candida free! Congratulations!

In addition to this, you can fill out “Do you have Signs of Candida Overgrowth for Adults” and Children questionnaires.

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