Proteolytic Enzymes


Proteolytic Enzymes: a possible answer to many health issues.

The body produces protease in the pancreas activated in the stomach and known as proteases or proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes work as digestive enzymes in our gut, but when taken between meals (as a supplement) they have an amazing impact on our overall health.

  1. Breaking down foreign proteins in your blood that causes inflammation (the root cause of numerous health issues!)
  2. Getting rid of inflammatory proteins via your bloodstream and lymphatic system (the lymph collects blood proteins, waste products and microbes from the spaces surrounding each cell. These are then detoxified, the usable compounds are reclaimed, and a purified lymph fluid is returned to your bloodstream).
  3. scar tissueProteolytic enzymes have also been found helpful for Fibrosis conditions caused by the hard, sticky protein called fibrin.
    • Reduction of scar tissue, also made up of fibrin.
    • Cleaning the blood of cellular waste and toxins, also supporting normal liver function.
    • Promoting immune system response by helping white blood cell efficiency.
    • Managing the overgrowth of yeast, putting less stress on your liver.

    Excess fibrin (secreted in excess by an unhealthy liver) are involved in high blood pressure raising your risk of heart attack and/or stroke.

Inflammation and immune function

Most of the chronic disease we have to deal with, including major issues — can benefit from having these type of enzymes in our blood.

Lack of protease enzymes can be a causal factor, in a wide variety of symptoms

Cancer Shingles (herpes zoster)
Digestive problems Inflammation and/or pain caused by sports injuries or trauma
Fibrocystic breast disease Pancreatic insufficiency
Food allergies Multiple sclerosis
Atherosclerosis (arterial hardening) Rheumatoid arthritis
Hepatitis C Sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Back pain Chronic fatigue
Fibromyalgia High blood pressure
Herniated disc Sciatica
Spinal stenosis Sprains and strains
Postoperative scar tissue Uterine fibroids
Bacterial, viral, mold and fungal infections Heart attack and stroke

As one can see, taking proteolytic enzyme supplement make a lot of sense. To achieve the intended effects it has to be taken the right way.

  • For improving digestion of proteins: with a meal, the enzymes will work as digestive aids, speeding up the breakdown of dietary proteins.
  • To improved health (table above): between meals (empty stomach), they enter your blood circulation bypassing the digestive system. So, for systemic effects, they must be taken between meals or else they won’t have a metabolic, systemic effect.

Verdezymes Solle NaturalsProteolytic Enzymes

Verdezymes – Each capsule of Solle Naturals Verdezymes contains 20,000 HUT, 20 SAPU, 80,000 PU, 3.0 GDU protease in each capsule. Other Digestive enzymes present in this formula include amylase (helps digest carbohydrates), cellulase (breaks down cellulose and convert it to glucose), glucoamylase (converts starches into glucose for energy), invertase (digest sucrose), lipase (breaks down fats), maltase (augments the breakdown of starches).

Verdezymes also is in a Calming Herbal GI Formula contains:

Wood Betony: mint family, long used for calming effect on     mind-related effects of poor digestion (headaches, anxiety, uneasy)

Peppermint: Soothing, cooling, stimulates the production of bile (fat digestion);  ease tension, calm the nerves, open to new ideas, refreshing; spreads enzymes throughout GI

Marshmallow: Soothes inflamed tissue; enhances respiration and digestion; excess stomach acid; diverticulitis

Passion Flower: calming, quieting to the body, promoting a restful sleep; encourages mind-body renewal; supports mood in times of stress.

Konjac/Xanthan Fiber blend: These two acid-resistant soluble fibers carry the product further into the GI tract for improved performance.

A note from Nature’s Link Wellness

When using “between meals” Verdezymes, it is recommended to also use Amitox to support the eliminative channels.

70% of our ability to resist disease resides in our gut!

The Roots of Health

  • When we talk about getting to the bottom of something we often use the metaphor of “getting to the root of the matter.” This is because roots are foundational. Your GI tract is foundational to your health. It is the starting place for building health and no other organ or system can fully heal until the gastrointestinal tract is supported. Along with being responsible for assimilating the nutrition your body needs, your GI tract is responsible for 70% of your ability to resist disease. So, without healthy guts, you can’t properly defend your health against infections. It’s no wonder guts are used as a metaphor for courage.

The Second Brain

  • Your intestines also serve as one of the major pathways of elimination. They quite literally help the body get rid of crap it does not need. And, if that is not enough to convince you how important the GI tract is to your health, consider this-your intestines produce numerous neurotransmitters that influence your mood, which is why some researchers have referred to them as the gut-brain or second brain. So, it’s hard to be in a good mood at all if your GI tract is out of whack.

It Starts with What You Put in Your Mouth

  • Of course, it all starts where the GI tract begins. We’re talking about what you put into your mouth. If you want to grow a healthy plant, put it in good soil. Your body’s soil is the food you ingest and your GI tract will tell you whether the soil you’re creating is good or bad through symptoms. To help you understand this, let me use an analogy. If you were to put some cream or lotion on your skin that had a chemical in it that your body found irritating, the effects would be apparent rather quickly. Your skin would respond with an inflammatory process characterized by redness, swelling and/or pain. When you see this, you’d most likely quit using that product because you’d recognize it wasn’t good for your skin.
  • Unfortunately, most people are often less aware when it comes to diet. What is sweet to the tongue can be bitter to the belly. Processed foods often taste good, but when you consume them regularly, your guts complain. You get indigestion, acid reflux, belching, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and other GI tract problems.

Special Note: This product is so important for so many of us that we have taken great care in explaining what it really does. Taken with ProBio IQ it can accomplish what modern science might call an “unexplained recovery”.