Wheatgrass Enema


Organic Wheatgrass Enemas will help you to reach the recommended daily allowance of green foods, it will aid in your digestion and is a natural source of chlorophyll and protein.

 Standard Enema Bag

1 tablespoon organic wheatgrass, powdered

3 capsules probiotic, open

4 cups warm filtered/distilled water

2 oz. Infant Enema Syringe

1/2 teaspoon organic wheatgrass, powdered

1 capsule probiotic, open

2 ounces warm filtered/distilled water


Mix powdered wheatgrass and probiotic with warm water and blend, making sure powder is mixed thoroughly. Then follow the directions on enema package. Hold for 10 minutes

 Benefits of wheatgrass?

Aids in Digestion – Natural Detoxifier – Strengthens Immune System – Deodorizes Body – Increases Energy Levels – Improves Liver Functions – Stimulates Metabolism – Anti-Inflammatory – Eliminates Bacterial Growth – Natural Source of Chlorophyll and Protein – Reach the Recommended Daily Allowance of  Green Foods- Increase Red Blood Cell Counts – Renews and Builds Blood – Produces Vitamin A

I have a wheat or gluten allergy, is wheatgrass safe to take?

Wheatgrass is harvested at the jointing stage before it turns into a grain. In this stage, the grass does not contain any gluten.It is extremely rare for people with wheat allergies to react because they are usually allergic to the gluten found in the wheat kernel. If you are a celiac and cannot consume gluten, you might want check with your doctor first before consuming wheatgrass just in case.