The Five Channels of Elimination

Bowels, Urine, Lungs, Lymph nodes, Skin

When we open the 5 channels of elimination, the body functions with ease. In nourishing our liver we help the entire elimination channel to no longer be sluggish or backed up.

The liver is the primary filter for your body; it filters blood and, with the waste, creates bile.

     The bile is then dumped into your colon (bowels); bile is your body’s natural laxative. So often if your liver is unable to do its job well, the colon will be sluggish.

If the colon (bowels) is sluggish, elimination is backed-up and the body becomes increasingly polluted and this is what your kidneys must now filter.

This causes the kidneys to work harder than they are designed to; picking up the slack for the under-functioning liver. For this reason, the kidneys get tired and stop concentrating urine, so the bladder (urine) fills more quickly. (If you wake up at night to urinate, your kidneys are overworked and not doing their job as effectively.)

At this point, note that your liver and your kidneys are your body’s main filters. Both are now working harder than they were designed to work. Now your respiratory system will jump in to assist in the elimination process.

     The lungs’ job is to exhale gaseous waste and to sweep airborne particles out of your system; when the lungs take more than their load they produce excess mucus to flush internal waste out through the mucous membranes. This excess mucus congests the respiratory system and increases the occurrence of respiratory infection.

Your respiratory system will attempt to sweep out the toxins through the mucous membranes while it tries to help the lungs create excess mucus production (in an attempt to “flush-out” the toxins). This can result in sinus trouble, excess phlegm, etc.

Your skin can even help out by pushing toxins out through your pores, sweat, and sebaceous glands. The irritation the toxins have on our skin can cause acne, hives, psoriasis, etc.

Your lymphatic system filters out toxins through your lymph nodes, which contain white blood cells that attack bacteria and viruses as they pass through the body.

This is when the light bulb usually comes on.

Got an issue you can’t solve? Nourish your liver!

Top 5 Channels of Elimination Recommendations for Bowels, Urine, Lungs, Lymph nodes, Skin